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There are many reasons to bring your vehicle to MotorWorld Cadillac for Cadillac service, with one being fuel efficiency. Routine care goes a long way to boosting your vehicle’s gas mileage and saving you money on every ride, and we’re here to share all you need to know about scheduling efficiency-boosting Cadillac service in Wilkes-Barre.  

Gas prices are always changing, and it’s important to know how to improve your fuel efficiency so you can save on fuel costs. Regular car service is one of best ways to do so, and here are just a few reasons why.

  • Oil Changes: Oil helps keep the parts in the engine lubricated and cool so they move efficiently and don’t grind together. It also collects road grime before it can damage the engine. When the oil becomes old or saturated with road grime, the parts move more slowly and your fuel efficiency drops. Routine oil changes can help boost fuel economy.  
  • Air Filter Change: The air filter helps capture the dirt from the road when you drive. The engine needs air to complete the combustion process, however. When the air filter becomes clogged, combustion is less effective, which reduces fuel efficiency. A simple filter change can make a big difference.  
  • Tire Fill-Up: Tire service is one of the most essential service tasks for boosting gas mileage. By filling up your tires properly, you can improve your vehicle’s efficiency by more than 3%. Here at MotorWorld Cadillac, we’ll also check for signs of damage or wear that might cause the tires to drag on the road.  

Find the perfect fuel-efficient Cadillac vehicle for all your driving needs, and boost mileage with Cadillac service at MotorWorld Cadillac. Schedule an appointment in Wilkes-Barre today.  

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